lauantai 28. huhtikuuta 2018

Old times

Peninsula 1862. Photo is restored and colored. George Armstrong Custer and the boys. I wonder why Hollywood forgot pipe smokers. Five men out of nine is a pipe smoker. John Wayne sometimes had a cigar.

Reality. Smoking pipes.

perjantai 17. helmikuuta 2017

Perfect moment

Vacation. Samuel Gawith St. James Flake. Medium strength Virginia/Perique. Peppery, sweet. It needs a partner. Brand new Stanwell can do.

sunnuntai 27. marraskuuta 2016

Smoking gentlemen

These prohibition times are hard especially for thoughtful pipe and cigar smokers. Regardless of the time, you can always find cigarettes and one minute to tank up fuel named nicotine. Pipe smokers and cigar smokers are different. They need time. They are thoughtful.

So we stick together. Our main service place in Helsinki is the Töölö Cigar Shop. A lot of pipes, gifts and even coffee.

Yesterday we had a nice meeting. A friend, pipe smoker of course, asked us to visit in his jazz-cellar. He has 4000 vinyl records and old amplifiers.

Honorable member RW brought some 40 years old flakes. Three Nuns from the year 1980 is very compelling, valuable and exciting. One of the best ever. At the same time vigorous and exciting, peppery. New version is not bad at all. It is just different tobacco.

We discussed about everything, politely, men from different backgrounds. Some men drink, some did not. In the evening "Markku", honorable member of a Pipe Guild, came and brought Cuban cigar to everyone. Fidel Castro had died in a morning. We smoked habanos (Ramon Allones and Partagas) and remembered the past.

Relaxing evening.

Our bohemian host had fixed one pipe with... brass button or tin badge. I do not remember.

torstai 3. joulukuuta 2015

Survival pack

Light one handed Zippo, good tobacco and brilliant pipe. Zippo lights with one flick of the flint wheel every time. There is no other. Mechanism is rock solid.